The Cure for the Common Microphone

Bringing the Freedom of Mobility to the Medical Industry

For doctors, it is essential to be able to communicate with people outside sterile operating environments – from nurses and radiologists to medical students viewing in a classroom – while retaining complete mobility. To meet this need, the Revolabs HD™ Single/Dual Channel and HD Venue systems combine wireless freedom with crystal-clear audio for accurately exchanging important medical information. And unlike UHF wireless systems that require users to change channels to avoid interference or IR systems that can experience interference from UV light, Revolabs’ microphones keep doctors’ hands free for the procedure by automatically looking for and seamlessly changing frequency to find a clearer transmission path within their RF band.

The Revolabs FLX™ wireless conference phone allows doctors to hear every word clearly during peer-to-peer consultations via audio or video conferencing. For PC applications such as speech recognition, recording podcasts for medical universities, web conferencing, and lecture capture, the Revolabs xTag™ USB and xTag BT wireless microphone systems allow medical personnel to roam away from their computer without the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter. All systems comply with HIPPA security requirements and offer high-quality wide-band audio for crystal-clear audio while providing the freedom of a wireless solution.

Key Benefits

  • The Freedom of Wireless: Cut the cord for the freedom of mobility when performing operations, using speech recognition software for medical documentation, or creating podcasts for students.
  • Hands Free: Microphones automatically look for and change frequency to find a clearer transmission path with no operator intervention.
  • Secure: 128-bit encryption ensures patient confidentiality.
  • No GSM Interference: Revolabs wireless microphones are impervious to GSM noise from cell phones and PDAs.
  • Versatility: Bi-directional audio allows you to listen to people outside the sterile operating room using a headset.
  • Rechargeable: Save the expense of battery replacement and inconvenience of bulky battery packs.