Video is Only Half the Conversation

From medical to government, organizations in every industry invest a great deal of money in achieving the best image quality for their video conferencing. What they often forget, however, is that it doesn’t matter how good the video quality is if you can’t hear what’s being said. To provide the HD audio to compliment your HD video, the Revolabs HD™ line of wireless microphone systems offers the sound fidelity of a wired system, utilizing Revolabs’ “Designed for Speech” technology to pick up the entire human voice spectrum so you can hear every word. For simple set-up, the units integrate seamlessly with almost any major brand of video conferencing solution, including Polycom, LifeSize, Cisco, and more.

For video conferencing in large boardrooms and conference rooms, the rack-mountable Executive HD™ can support up to 32 (Americas and Japan) or 40 (international) microphones, each with an independent channel to operate together in one area without interference. For smaller conference rooms and mobile video carts, the extremely small Revolabs HD™ Single/Dual Channel provides support for one or two microphones, while the rack-mountable HD Venue™ supports two or four. In addition, for small and mid-sized conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environments without installed speakers, the plug-and-play Revolabs FLX™ wireless conference phone is ready right out of the box to serve as the audio interface to your video conferencing solution.

Key Benefits

  • HD Audio Quality: The Revolabs HD line completes the video conferencing experience by providing the HD audio to match your HD video.
  • Integration: Integrate seamlessly with virtually any video conferencing solution, such as Polycom, LifeSize, Tandberg, Radvision, and more.
  • Versatility: Support from one (HD Single/Dual) up to 32/40 (Executive HD) microphones for conference rooms of any size. Revolabs offers solutions for mobile video carts and installed audio.
  • Wireless: Eliminate the clutter of wires. No drilling into expensive furniture! No more tripping over cables!
  • No Interference: Revolabs wireless microphones are impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices.
  • Secure: 128-bit encryption means no one will be able to listen in on the wireless signal.
  • Rechargeable: Save the expense of daily battery replacement and inconvenience of bulky battery packs.
  • Flexibility: Can be mixed and matched with a variety of wireless