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Infocomm China 2014. See. Hear. Touch. The Future of Your Business…Communications!

Posted by Revolabs Sales Staff Writers on April 9, 2014

It’s our pleasure to present Revolabs’ Wireless Microphones, Wireless and Wired Conference Phones solutions at Infocomm China from 9th to 11th April 2014. The theme for this year’s tradeshow is “See. Hear. Touch. The Future of Your Business”, and we have taken the slogan a step further in regards to what we are showcasing.  Revolabs’ new FLX UC series are positioned to be the future of your business COMMUNICATIONS. I shall elaborate, but let’s first review the past.

In the 1980’s, we had analog telephones which quickly evolved into hybrid digital phone networks.  A typical large corporation installed a private telephone network, known as a private branch exchange (or PBX). Users of the PBX share a certain number of outbound lines for making external calls through the PBX.  Another variation was the hosted services.

In the 1990’s, most people at work had “an extension”, typically 3 or 4 digits. Conference rooms were outfitted with handsets then tabletop conference phones which did not always sound clear on either end of the call.  Voice conference was common and served as alternative to a face to face meeting.

From late 1990’s to early 2000, efficiency, cost savings and risk of travelling via airplane especially for some less important meetings resulted in the rise of video conferencing; which had become much more reliable and popular, due to better technology and bandwidth, especially in large enterprises and higher learning institutions.  Plush video conference suites were designed (often by AV consultants), including touch-screen controlled lighting and motorized shades, voice sensitive and directional motorized cameras; and some even include latest surround sound systems.

We noticed changes over the past 5 years in the entire telephony landscape, with multi-purpose rooms replacing dedicated video conference suites. Smaller huddle rooms now need phones, video displays and twice as many power outlets. From cost, quality and productivity perspectives, corporations are now embracing Unified Communications and popular web-based conferencing solutions such as Skype, Webex, Gotomeeting, and Google+ hangouts.  

The future of your business voice communications should be about Quality: Quality Voice, Quality Design, and Quality Conference Call Experience. You can look forward to compact and neat products like our new Revolabs FLX UC 500 to conduct your voice and video conference calls, the Bi-amped speaker design  is also effective for a larger group and for almost any conference room.

If you are attending Infocomm China 2014, I invite you to come by and visit us, we shall be sharing two booths (Reach . E2-EC4-01 and Prysm. E2-EC6-01).  SEE, HEAR, and TOUCH the future of your business communications: the Revolabs FLX UC 500. To schedule a press meeting or similar, please send an email to Iris at

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#Interop 2014: Another Step Into The Ever-Evolving I.T. Space

Posted by Amanda McAlpine on March 27, 2014

This is Revolabs’ first time attending Interop. This year, the show will bring more than 300 vendors to downtown Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention center, April 1-3. Why is this a new show for Revolabs? Typically, our past products and marketing efforts were catered more to the Professional Audio Visual space, especially with our earlier products, the Fusion , HD Venue and the Executive HD, among other wireless microphone solutions. However, as technology has evolved and Information Technology roles are becoming more involved in conference/audio solutions for their companies, Revolabs has stayed at the pinnacle of this shift in information technology, realizing the true need for superior quality conferencing solutions. Thus, as the It space has evolved, so has Revolabs’ product line.

We’ve added to the FLX family! 

Interop is all about Interoperability. What’s important for end users is having products that work with their existing devices and working within their current infrastructures. We understand the challenges and expenses that come alongside finding superior quality solutions, but with Revolabs’ new FLX™ UC 500, FLX UC 1000 and Executive Elite™ system, we believe that we can ultimately provide them with solutions that are high quality - yet affordable AND fit into their existing infrastructures.

Have you ever experienced a conference call that didn’t involve people talking over one another, people straining their voices to be heard, and trying to listen to the call, where someone could drop off at any moment? The UC 500 and UC 1000 take care of these issues- with full-duplex audio, echo cancellation, four microphones, and a two-element loudspeaker. What’s more is that they fit into any small to mid-sized conference room and the UC 500 can be hooked up to your PC. Pretty cool, right? 

The UC 1000 takes a step further, doubling as a high-performance IP conference phone AND a USB audio device, compatible with standard SIP PBXs. Both are awesome products that can be purchased as standalone products and are essentially plug and play- which is super convenient.

What about larger conference rooms or board rooms? What about full auditoriums that need a wireless microphone system solution? We’ve got it covered, with the Executive Elite. What IT professionals will like about this product is that it can be controlled and managed in the “Cloud.” With solutions moving towards being completely cloud-based, this is a significant area to be addressed within the IT community. It’s also a flexible product that can be mixed and matched with different microphone styles from goosenecks to smaller, wearable and portable microphones.

What do we hope to gain from #Interop 2014?

One major reason we are attending Interop is to learn what kinds of challenges IT professionals struggle with. We are excited to hear what people have to say about their current scenarios and this will hopefully provide opportunities for Revolabs to help IT professionals with the ability to help bridge the gap between IT and audio, which typically resided in the AV space. It’s a new frontier for us- and we believe that our past success with microphones and true audio quality will bring us to the forefront in the market.

Be sure to stop by our booth #1763 to see our new Revolabs products including the FLX UC 500 and UC 1000. We will be posting on Facebook and Twitter during Interop, so be sure to follow Revolabs on Twitter @RevolabsAudio, and connect with us on Facebook and Linkedin. We have both a Linkedin Company Page and a Linkedin Group. You should also subscribe to the Revolabs YouTube Channel, where we host our Revolabs video library!

See you in Vegas! -Amanda

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Co-founder of Revolabs, JP Carney, On 'Day One' With Yamaha

Posted by JP Carney on March 26, 2014

Well it is day one of Revolabs as a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha and nothing has magically changed from yesterday when we were a stand-alone company (except for a lingering cigar odor left over from the celebratory office party). The management team is still running the company as we always have, our engineers are working diligently to get our new products finalized and our channels continue to supply Revolabs’ innovative products to the end users so that they can “hear every word.”  I don’t expect that to change any time soon but what I do think you will see in the near future is Revolabs integrating some state of the art audio technology from Yamaha (and vice versa)  into our suite of products (and into Yamaha’s) to offer all our customers better audio solutions. This is exactly the reason I’m excited about this acquisition…   

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