Wireless - Eliminate the Restrictions of Wires

Revolabs wireless systems provide the sound fidelity of wired solutions, while allowing the freedom of natural movement during audio and video conferences, sermons, medical operations, Skype™ calls, lectures in large university auditoriums, and much more. Revolabs products drastically simplify set-up and eliminate the unsightly clutter of wires for a clean look in any environment; there are no more wires running all over the floor for users to trip on, and no need to drill into expensive furniture for installation.

The wireless solutions also provide the flexibility to change the set-up in any room based on the user’s need. Wired systems and ceiling microphones often can’t be moved, but Revolabs microphones can follow the speaker to any location in the room. For security, 128-bit encryption means no one will be able to listen in on the wireless signal; ensuring that your private meetings remain private.


HD Venue with Mics
HD™ Single/Dual Channel
and HD Venue™

Ideal solutions for mobile video carts and other video conferencing solutions used in smaller conference rooms, the wireless HD Single/Dual Channel and HD Venue eliminate the risk of users tripping over cables on the floor, while simplifying set-up.

Executive HD 8 with Charger and Mics
Executive HD

Not only provides users with the freedom of natural movement, but eliminates the clutter of cables for a clean look without having to drill into expensive furniture in boardrooms.



Designed specifically for small and mid-sized conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environments, the FLX wireless conference phone allows microphones and the speaker to be placed throughout the room to optimize sound quality.

xTag™ USB and xTag BT

Provide the freedom of mobility during Skype™ calls, Web meetings, recording, dictations, and more, without the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter.