The Stunning Clarity of HD Audio

Whether it’s for audio and video conferencing or voice amplification for classroom lessons, sermons, or board presentations, the need for the clarity of HD audio spans a wide range of industries and applications. Revolabs’ HD™ line of wireless microphone systems is designed to deliver this audio quality for any environment, from small conference rooms to large auditoriums. The Executive HD, HD Single/Dual Channel, and HD Venue offer the sound fidelity of a wired system, utilizing Revolabs’ “Designed for Speech” technology to pick up the entire human voice spectrum so you can hear every word.

Executive HDExecutive HD

For HD audio quality in demanding environments such as high-end boardrooms, large auditoriums, and broadcast studios, the rack-mountable Executive HD™ can support up to 32 (Americas and Japan) or 40 (international) microphones.

HD Single Charge with CountrymanHD™ Single/Dual Channel

With its one or two wireless microphones, superior HD audio quality, and extremely small form factor, the HD Single/Dual Channel provides the ideal solution for mobile video carts and other video conferencing solutions used in smaller conference rooms, as well as for classrooms, and houses of worship.

HD VenueHD Venue

Offering two or four microphones for HD audio quality in smaller conference rooms, classrooms, and houses of worship, the HD Venue’s rack-mount design allows it to easily integrate into an A/V rack, or provide a fixed, reliable solution in video carts.